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Joy Meter

The Joy Meter™ is a tool to help you evaluate different activities, tasks, or experiences for what brings you the most joy to help guide you forward. Joy is measured in three dimensions—before the task, during the task, and after the task—to provide you with a deeper understanding of where your joy comes from. Joy can be scored in these three dimensions, which produces a total joy score for the activity, task, or experience. You’re looking to invest more time in things that score a 10 and above. First, pick an activity, task, or experience. For example, facilitating a meeting. Write that down in the first column on the Joy Meter™. Now monitor how you feel before, during, and after the activity. How is your energy while preparing for the meeting? Give yourself a score of 1 if drained or 5 if endless joy. If you’re feeling somewhere in between a 1 and 5 give yourself that number. How is your energy while facilitating the meeting? Give yourself a score. Now, how do you feel after the meeting? Once again, give yourself a score.

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