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About Our Bootcamp

The Leadership Hunter’s Bootcamp forges leadership presence from the raw material of participants’ experience, skills, and passion, to land the leadership position they desire. 

Bootcamp Benefits


Remove any doubt about where you are headed, why, and which steps take you there quickest.


Develop confidence as you eliminate potential blockers to your leadership role.


By the end of 90 days, you will be applying for positions and on track to landing the ideal role.

What’s Included

Bonus: Copy of “Words to Lead By” Quote Book

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Money Back Guarantee

At the end of 90 days, if you’re not completely satisfied that you are well
on your way to landing your next leadership position, I’ll give your money back.*


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1. Career Goal

There is power in precision. The greatest leaders held clear visions of their future. In career goals, we refine the vision of your ultimate career goal. Do you see yourself as CEO of the next silicon valley darling? Heading up pediatrics at a local hospital? Running a design agency? This includes 3 key components of your vision: Motivation, Organization, and Function.

2. Gap Assessment

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do (Alice in Wonderland).It’s no different than generally driving east vs. having specific directions: they both may get you there, but one will get you there much faster. Here define the many roads we can take
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3. Target Opportunities

Modern career paths are not a straight line. What was once called a career ladder, is now referred to as a Career Lattice. There may be many steps between now and your ultimate career goal. In this session, we identify the multiple possibilities you could step into for your leadership role.<

4. Experience

In this session, we consider your experience as a whole, first. Then, with your target opportunities in hand, we frame your experience according to each opportunity. The language and highlights are tailored to each circumstance
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5. SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – the SWOT analysis is a critical assessment of you for the targeted opportunities. In this session we take an unbiased look at how the hiring managers will perceive you for the identified top 10 roles.

6. Physical Presence

You’ve prepared the foundation work. Now we shift into delivery preparation. The first phase of delivery is your physical presence. How you present yourself matters. What is best also varies depending upon the industry, function, hiring manager, and organization.

7. Digital Presence

Now that you’ve deciphered the optimal physical presence, it’s time to look at your digital presence. Do the two align? Does your digital presence highlight your best attributes for the desired position?
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8. Communication

If we’ve done everything right so far, but communicate like a drunken sailor, it will all be for naught. Of course, between the drunken sailor and perfect orators, there is a vast range of options. The considerations for each role are unique

9. Networking

A ship is safest in the harbor, but that’s not what it’s built for. Similarly, you’re not meant to keep to yourself (sorry introverts). It’s time to set sail. How are you identifying and connecting with the right people?

10. Your Mock Interview

You’ve done it! You’re ready for the challenge. Before we send you off though, we give you a chance to pull it all together. In your graduation event, we conduct a mock interview with you.

In this session, we role-play your ideal hiring manager and ask you increasingly difficult questions. At the end, you receive a graded assessment of your performance and recommendations for next steps.

What People Say About Your Guide


Project Manager

Very informative. The time went by super quickly and all of the information was
very relevant. You could really see what was happening in your daily work through the principles
he covered.

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What I appreciate about Ben’s approach is that he’s engaging folks and having them to think about things.digging deeper into themselves and making sure they’re presenting more, based on their heart-felt perspective.


Senior Client Partner

If you look at the way Ben works the stage, works the audience – he throws in
humor, he tells stories – he’s actually a masterful storyteller.

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* Participants must show completed work and request refund within 9 months of registration.

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