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Welcome to the Beta Test site for the Better Boss Building System™. As we develop the products and offerings bundled with this system, we seek to gain feedback and identify enhancement opportunities from industry experts like you. Please contact us with any thoughts at: Ben (at) Radiant Forest (dot) com.


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360° Assessment

A great starting point of any leadership development and boss building system is the 360 Assessment. Use this tools to get a full picture of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses from their boss, peers, direct reports, clients, partners, and more.

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B45 Personality Assessment

Personality assessments are a great way to help your leaders and teams better understand our uniqueness and work preferences. The result is greater self-awareness, team alignment, communication, and engagement.

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Culture Assessment

Before you begin developing bosses and future leaders, it’s important to capture a baseline score of your overall culture. This baseline culture assessment provides 2 key benefits:

  1. Strengths & Weaknesses: Understand where your culture is strong and aligned to your Mission, Vision, and Values, and where it needs some work.
  2. Baseline: Captures a baseline score against which your bosses and future leaders can be measured.

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Digital Leadership Culture Index (DLCI)

Better understand the public’s perception of bosses and leadership at your company by analyzing publicly posted employee reviews. Then compare and contrast your scores with others in your industry, the Fortune 500 and the INC 5,000.

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Leadership Assessment

Assessing the individual boss and leader on key principles can help your guides better understand the specific strengths and weaknesses of each people leader. In addition, it builds self-awareness for those assessed. NOTE: We will adopt the assessment we currently host at Modern Servant Leader.

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Better Boss Building System

There are 3 books in the Better Boss Building System:

  • Be a Better Boss – For individuals seeking to develop their own leadership and boss skills.
  • Build Better Bosses – For HR and leadership development professionals seeking to create and boost their leadership development programs and results.
  • Bossing Up – For Individual Contributors seeking to grow their leadership skills and influence those in formal Boss and Leadership roles.

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BBBS Approved Library

We maintain a list of books that have been reviewed and approved to pair well and enhance your work with the Better Boss Building System. You can find that list of approved books and recommended uses here.

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AI Engine

The power and potential of Artificial Intelligence(AI) shapes much of our planning and efforts today. To help you be more effective at your job developing the bosses and future leaders of your organization, we have a custom-built AI Engine, trained to answer and support your needs in a manner aligned with and informed by the Better Boss Building System.

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Mission, Vision, & Values (MVV)

If your company does not yet have a well-defined, documented, and understood Mission, Vision, or Values, start here. This guide will walk you through the process of capturing these foundational elements for the rest of your work in the BBBS.

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Mentor Match

For larger organizations, we provide guidance and tools for establish and in-house mentoring program. For small to mid-sized businesses, leverage our Mentor Match Collaborative where participating organizations share mentors and mentees.

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Every boss and leader has unique training needs. However, there is a foundation upon which all leaders should base their understanding of what it means to be a boss. Therefore, we provide those foundational training sessions here.

The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership® icon has the text SERVANT, vertically on the left. Beside each letter is a line.

Leadership Principles

Learn about the core principles of great leadership through The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®. NOTE: We will adopt the SERVANT Leadership lessons we currently host at Modern Servant Leader.

Other Resources

Leadership Map

Our Leadership Map guides you to all the key books, quotes, and resources, specific to every principle and attribute listed in The Acronym Model of SERVANT-Leadership®. If you seek to develop training, plan coaching feedback, or simply want to know more about specific topic, go here and find all kinds of resources to support your work. NOTE: We will adopt the leadership map currently hosted at Modern Servant Leader.

Leadership Quotes

Looking for that perfect quote to drive your message home? Find it here, in our collection of over 300 people leadership-focused quotes that align to the concept and principles in the Better Boss Building System™. NOTE: We will adopt the library currently hosted at Modern Servant Leader.

Training ROI Calculator

Convincing owners, board members, investors, or other key personnel of the value in training and leadership development can be difficult. Here are 4 powerful calculators, based on extensive research, to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) benefits of your programs. NOTE: We will adopt the ROI calculators currently hosted at Modern Servant Leader.

Video Library

A consolidated collection of all videos in the Better Boss Building System™. Here you can search video content by topic, principle, or functional area.

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